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Personas of the Pandemic

This diagram represents my hypotheses about why reactions to the pandemic vary, purely from observations. Warning: This has not been validated.

What I hope is: 1) to illustrate how we should think about personas; and 2) understand why people respond to the pandemic in such different ways.

How to think about personas: Contrary to popular belief, personas are not built on demographics alone. They’re more about behaviours and attitudes--even factors such as fear. Besides being a marketing tool, personas are useful to solve problems--by helping to frame the problem. An individual can also straddle quadrants, depending on context.

How we can wrap our minds around the diverging behaviours based on a singular circumstance: In this case, perhaps reactions differ due to the nature of a person’s work, socioeconomics, values, or their response to fear. For example, Reckless may think venturing into a crowd is a brave act; while for Helper, going to work is; and yet for Protector, working from home displays heroism. Let me be clear: there are times when Reckless is actually the hero. The World Wars come to mind.

Understanding what lies below behaviour can assist in nudging actions in a more productive direction and solve problems--even complex ones. This is what makes personas a valuable tool. I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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