Specializing in building a better future with residential developers and focused on customer and resident needs.

Post-COVID, let's build back even better.



Focussed on solving industry disruptions. As a starting point, we would conduct a Customer Experience Audit for your organization. We ensure your weak links are shored up and help you become antifragile in a complex and unpredictable environment.


Exploring the needs of your customers and users (residents) using trusted, technology-driven, and remote qualitative and quantitative methods (interviews, digital diary, cultural probes, crowdsourcing, surveys, etc.).


Our consortium of experts started in the digital world and continue to deliver best-in-class products and services, including moving offline products and services to online, or updating an existing product.


We define design as creative problem solving. Using our research outputs, we strategize, re-imagine, and co-create with you. Through workshops and other innovative design methods, we help you design better products and services.



Our industry needs a new north star.


We work with residential builders who strive to grow their market share as they build communities into 2025 and beyond. By tapping into the next wave of buyer needs and desires, we empower builders to become industry pacesetters and own the next generation of home buyers.


With the advent of COVID-19, we insist on working through customer and user journeys to identify weakest links in the ecosystem and work with our clients to mitigate their risks. 


We enable businesses to get their best ideas to market - faster and with exceptional results. We focus on customers' needs and craft possible solutions together with key business stakeholders. To ensure success, we run pilots to test the market and mitigate risks.

We start with your potential customers and existing residents. That means we conduct research in your sales cycle and with people in sold units. Once we've learned about them and mapped out their current experiences and journeys, together with your team, we then re-imagine and create.  

Our research approach respects data privacy, security, and the most stringent research standards. Customer data gathered through research is never sold, shared, nor re-purposed for another client. We anonymize, analyze, combine, and present. Raw data is encrypted and stored in a secure environment and meet GDRP standards.




User Experience (UX) Leader & Educator


Integri is a consortium of seasoned professionals including researchers, designers, and software developers

Yvonne leads a team of passionate and deeply committed UX professionals.


She is most proud of her work that has made a significant impact on people’s lives and designed for the greater good. This includes her more recent work in rebuilding customer-facing websites and apps by first mapping out user journeys. 

Yvonne's experience in a number of sectors and industries include: real estate, food, travel, hospitality, financial, manufacturing, telecommunications, and many more. She has completed over 300 projects in private and public sector, as well as non-profit.

Outside of work projects, Yvonne’s passion is to coach and teach the next generation of UX practitioners.

Yvonne holds an M.Sc. in ergonomics (human factors) from University College London (UK), and a B.Sc. from the University of Toronto – specializing in cognitive psychology and minoring in anthropology and industrial engineering.




We are located in the Greater Toronto Area



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